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April 27, 2004

Most popular items offered via spam

The most popular items sent via spam email seem to be:

1. Pharmaceuticals or medical products (usually cheap or claiming to offer prescription only or restricted drugs).

2. Discount software (usually fake but claimed to be available at a fraction of its normal price).

3. University degrees / diplomas.

4. Email lists and spamming software!

5. Viruses!!

6. Dodgy information (how to avoid speeding fines, get free cable, get rich quick schemes etc.)

7. Office equipment, ink cartridges / refill kits etc.

8. Cheap finance / credit cards / loans / mortgages etc.

9. Pyramid schemes or chain letters.

10. Pump-and-dump schemes - whereby someone will attempt to promote a stock (usually a small company whose stock they already own) to get gullible people to buy - then (they) dump their stock when the price rises.

11. Promoting adult material / web sites.

12. Online gambling / casinos or lotteries.

13. Fake / copies of designer items (clothing, watches etc.).

We even saw spammers trying to cash in on the 9/11 attacks!

Of course almost all spam is some type of scam - usually to get your credit card or other personal information - you are very unlikely ever to ever receive anything you did buy! If it looks too good to be true - it probably is...

Overall remember the rule - Never buy from spammers!


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