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August 10, 2006

Make sure you are up to date

A huge amount of spam is actually sent from standard PC's connected to the Internet that have been exploited / compromised.

Make sure you:

1. Keep your computer software up-to-date and periodically check for updates manually as well as waiting for your computer to tell you.

2. Are protected by a firewall - ideally on your router and your computer - but at least on your computer.

3. Keep your anti-virus and spyware software up-to-date - plus schedule frequent scans.

4. Periodically scan your computer with another spyware scanner.

5. Do not run / install software from untrusted sources - this includes browser plug-ins etc.

6. Consider using a different web browser - Internet Exporer is the most popular browser and most people try and exploit this one. Other browsers like Opera or Firefox could be an option to consider.


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